About Pompano Beach Restoration Company - Pompano Beach, FL


Our history:

Pompano Beach Restoration Company Pompano Beach, FL 561-246-6503Pompano Beach Restoration Company has been offering restoration services in Pompano Beach, FL area for the last twenty years. Right from the earlier days we have been making a positive difference in the industry. What lacks the most among other companies is efficiency in the services they provide when disaster strikes in the form of a fire or flood. We got into the root of the problem and smartened the entire work procedure. We offer a broad range of services; we help in identifying leaks, eliminating mold, treating damage and the like. We are the most sought-after name in the area carving an identity as the pioneer company in the damage mitigation and restoration business. Any time a disaster strikes, our customers don’t think twice before calling 561-246-6503.

Decades of experience

Knowledge finds its use when put to action. At Pompano Beach Restoration Company, we do just that; we combine our knowledge, experience and dedication to bring forth the best output. Even if one is well read and possesses vast theoretical knowledge, the real teacher is actually experience and the practical knowledge gathered. Our practical experience of handling and working in such circumstances has, over the years, perfected us in our work. Our work process and improved methods makes us a trustworthy name that has efficiently handled damage and restoration for over two decades.

Handpicked, background-checked team

The technicians, restoration experts, the carpenters as well as others in our company are responsible for our success. Each and every one of our men is a winner. We have earned our reputation through years of dedication and hard work and have never compromised on quality. We are careful in every stage of work because one wrong step may mess up a restoration work resulting in a huge loss for the customer and the company alike. Thus, we are very choosy while hiring a technician and we make sure that our company stands out as the most competent.

Selection is done with precision on the basis of their understanding of the subject and service, expertise, experience and knowledge of the latest equipment. Each person in the process of hiring also undergoes a detailed orientation session to make sure they comply with the company’s policy and code of conduct. That’s how we ensured that we took onboard motivated minds, making us unmatched in the industry.

Leading-edge infrastructure:

Whether it is a simple tool or heavy machinery, we have spent a fortune to get the best of equipments and tools. This has made our infrastructure unparalleled. We have an extensive network of workshops in Pompano Beach, FL area so that no matter where you are located we can reach you on time. We have well equipped heavy-duty vehicles that can reach you within 30 minutes to provide services onsite.

When a calamity throws you off balance, don’t forget to call Pompano Beach Restoration Company at 561-246-6503. We will help reestablish order when all you can see is chaos.