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Broward County was once a place of ill repute, deemed unfit for inhabitation. However, it has now emerged as a popular tourist destination and a habitat for over a million. The county owes its name to Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, the governor of Florida, who tirelessly campaigned to transform the wetlands to a more useful place. His efforts saw the light of the day when the land was gradually developed for agricultural purpose and later to a residential area. Today, it is known for its sun-kissed beaches and crystal blue sea, alluring tourists to flock in from around the world. However, despite being a picture perfect place that it is, it has over and over again fallen to natural disasters and economic recession, yet found the strength to rise from its ashes like a phoenix.

A disaster-strewn landscape:

The county witnessed disasters in repeated intervals within a century’s span after its development. The Great Flood of South Florida in 1947 saw the place battered and bruised by a wind speed of 155mph and 8-inches of downpour.  When it was recovering, it was soon hit by another catastrophe in a month’s time, drowning the place in 8-feet water with a rainfall of 11-inches. The mayhem is still vivid in the memories of the inhabitants and was etched in history was forever – history that was repeated when Hurricane Irma struck the county in September 2017.

Who’ll be there for you?

Calamities such as these can shake you to the core, uprooting you from your peaceful existence. Witnessing your prized possessions going feet deep under water is not easy and can traumatize you for life. During these times you can fall back to the authorities for getting help and relief measures. But along with this, you need help in putting your damaged property back together – and that’s where you can turn to Pompano Beach Restoration Company.

Disaster mitigation, 24/7

The trauma of the event might make you forget about the most vital issue to be addressed at that point-a fast pace, immediate remediation and restoration work. It would be unwise to think that the problems will be resolved with time. If proper action is not taken fast the damage gets worse and eventually become irreparable. Your home will not take long to turn to ruins. Contact Pompano Beach Restoration Company – the experts in restoring disaster-hit properties in Broward County. We are equipped to deal with any disaster and have a ready team to provide all the support you may need in an emergency.

What we do?

Whether it is a hurricane, a flood or a fire, if you want your property to be taken care of on time, dial 561-246-6503. We offer:

  • Round-the-clock restoration facilities during a calamity.Pompano Beach Restoration Company Pompano Beach, FL 561-246-6503
  • Advanced method to detect water leaks without damaging your property
  • Restoration and total removal of soot and smoke after a fire break-out
  • Thorough investigation of mold followed by its complete elimination
  • Restoring property from any water damage
  • Discarding items that are beyond revival.
  • Cleaning and restoring items
  • Smooth recovery of insurance claims
  • Total dehumidifying, sanitizing and deodorizing of the property
  • Complete reconstruction of the building, if required
  • Revamping services

We provide all this and more in the following cities:

Pompano Beach, FL, Coconut Creek, FL, Coral Springs, FL, Dania, FL, Deerfield Beach, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Hallandale Beach, FL, Hollywood, FL, Margate, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL, Plantation, FL

Being a resident of a disaster prone zone as Broward County you should be ready to call up on this number 561-246-6503 just after a disaster has hit you hard.