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Often, after a flood or a water leak, moisture still remains hidden inside the walls and can lead to mold growth. Mold poses a great threat to the inhabitants and the property. To ignore this dangerous fungus would be unwise. Steps should be taken to eliminate it completely. This is where we can help you.

Whatever the degree of severity of mold growth, at Pompano Beach Restoration Company we can handle it with ease. Mold is destructive in nature; it damages building materials such as paper, wood, carpets and creates health hazards. Therefore, whenever there is suspicious mold growth in your premises in Pompano Beach, FL area; do not forget to call 561-246-6503 for timely action.

KNOW YOUR ENEMY                                                

  • What is mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that flourishes in moist places in the environment. They are multi-cellular and form thread-like structures. The three fundamental components that help mold thrive are organic food sources like paper, wood and cloth, moisture and places where air flow is restricted. All these conditions help molds breed rapidly.

  • How fast can mold grow?

Mold doesn’t take even 24 hours to grow and spread. The growth is so rapid that leaving it unchecked will only make it deadly in the next few hours. Therefore, just after any kind of water damage, it is vital to dry the property completely till the last traces of moisture are removed.

  • Is mold harmful?

Mold can cause allergies, skin rashes and respiratory issues. This dangerous fungus poses a threat both to you and your property.


Pompano Beach Restoration Company Pompano Beach, FL 561-246-6503You can think of myriad ways to get rid of mold yourself. Many think that bleaching the property with chemicals or a new paint on the wall are enough for mold removal and can be handled without professional intervention. However, it is wrong to think that these half-done jobs will stop mold growth. What is alarming is that mold proliferates if moisture persists. So, to eliminate it totally, a complete drying and reducing of the moisture level is required that can only be done with proper professional expertise. If faced with mold issues, contact Pompano Beach Restoration Company to take care of it.


  • We work round the clock offering remedial service in Pompano Beach, FL region
  • We get to the root of the cause and act accordingly
  • We use high quality cleaning agents for complete elimination of mold
  • We can identify hidden spots of mold growth by hi-tech tools
  • We are quick and efficient in fixing any invisible source of water leaks
  • We reduce the moisture level to such extent where mold cannot thrive
  • We dispose the materials that are damaged by mold.
  • We check the level of contamination in the air to ensure the elimination of mold completely
  • We install anti-mold materials to stop mold from returning

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