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Pompano Beach Restoration Company Pompano Beach, FL 561-246-6503Often, people have fallen prey to sudden rainstorms, causing water to seep into the property thereby flooding it – and those who’re living in Pompano Beach, FL region are no stranger to it. There can be other causes too for flooding. For example, a simple plumbing issue such as a leak or a ruptured pipe may flood your home and contaminate it with stagnant water. While the causes may be many, the solution is just one. If there is a flood in your property, dial 561-246-6503 to call for experts from Pompano Beach Restoration Company immediately. Our experts will curtail further loss and minimize the damage before restoring your property to its pre-loss condition.


Category One:

Flooding caused due to a pipe burst or water overflowing from a clogged sink or bathtub falls under this category. The water in this case is mostly unpolluted and is devoid of any health risk. However, it needs to be dealt with immediate effect as stagnant water if left for more than 2 days can have harmful effects while at the same time rusts metals and damages the property.

  • How we handle it?

We begin by getting rid of the wet damp objects from your place. Then we deal with the source from where the flooding happened. In the process, if a leaked pipe is found out that needs to be sealed, our trained staff fixes it efficiently. The standing water is then extracted by a powerful pump followed by drying up of the moisture from the area using high intensity air blowers.

Category Two:

This is the unclean category of water coming from leaked toilet pipes, faulty dishwashers, malfunctioning washing machines or leaking from other unsanitary sources. The grey or unclear water flowing out has some degree of contaminants. This water is favorable for both bacteria and mold growth.

  • How we handle it?

We at Pompano Beach Restoration Company thoroughly go by the rule book, following every step with care right from Category 1. After all the moisture has been extracted and dried up, we clean the property with disinfectant to ensure complete eradication of mold and other contaminants.

Category Three:

This is black water and falls under the third category, which is the most dangerous of the lot. A natural flood lets black water flow in your household from overflowing drains outside. Your own sewage from inside your premises can also do the same. This water is heavily loaded with harmful bacteria, debris and other poisonous chemicals that take a toll on your health and property.

  • How we handle it?

We repeat the steps that are mentioned in Category 1 and 2. We work with advanced disinfectants and powerful chemicals as the contamination level is higher and ensure total removal of mold and harmful bacteria. We use deodorizers to eradicate any foul odors from inside your place. Finally to make sure that your possessions, floors or walls are threat-free, we check the level of contamination in your space.

From ‘chaos’ to ‘order’

We are here at Pompano Beach, FL area to resolve your flood-related issues, whatever the category. We are just a call away. We understand your needs and take immediate action so that the loss can be capped at its initial stages. We take barely 30 minutes to respond to your call and arrive just in time to the venue to clear the mess and set things in order.

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