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Pompano Beach Restoration Company Pompano Beach, FL 561-246-6503Nothing can be worse than when your property faces some kind of damage due to a natural disaster, making you a helpless spectator in the hands of destiny. It can leave you in utter shock and desperation. When recovery seems a tough task and you have no idea where to begin, it is time to call Pompano Beach Restoration Company. We should be your first choice as we know very well how to recover your place from damage. We are quick, efficient and deliver only high quality results. When you call us, we will get your property back in shape with the most-effective remediation and restoration services that you can ever avail.

Our experience of 20 years has made us the only reliable restoration company capable of prompt action and expert emergency handling. Pompano Beach, FL region has seen us serving and saving hundreds of properties – and you can witness it first-hand too!

Why us?

Your property when faced with damage from water, fire or mold, should have proper and quick rescue measures. The slightest delay in action might lead to a loss of the property, loss of money and loss of your health. This is where we step in. All you have to do is dial 561-246-6503 and you would find us by your side within half an hour’s time. We remain committed till the end as we understand the value of not only your possessions but also your sentiments. Our service, method of working and previous history will tell you that we are the best people in the restoration industry to put your trust in.

Our services:

  • 24/7 emergency response:

You will get the best of assistance with our experts. They will not lose a single second to reach your place to control the harmful after-effects of a damage and setting up the groundwork of restoring your place. We are available 24*7 to serve you better.

  • Detecting hidden hazards:

Sometimes it is a secret leak or hidden mold nesting in your property that is to be blamed for property damage, but the only way to find it out and get repair or remediation done is to call us. Our team of experts with its high quality equipments will help you detect the fault accurately and treat it the best way possible.

  • Flood remediation:

Overflowing water is a threat to your household as much as rainstorms. Water can seep into every nook and corner of your home damaging everything in its way. If there is a flood in your property, call Pompano Beach Restoration Company for proper water extraction, restoration of damaged objects, mold elimination and complete cleaning up.

  • Fire damage mitigation:

Soot, smoke and ashes are harmful residues that are left by a fire even after it has long gone. You can totally rely on us with complete faith for all the damage control, elimination, remediation, replacing and salvaging work. We get rid of burnt objects and eradicate poisonous odors, giving a complete makeover to the ruined property.

  • Drying and clean up:

Water wreaks havoc if it enters hidden places in your home or office. You have to ensure that the water that has trickled or seeped out from a leaked pipe has been dried up completely. Our modernized air blowers, dehumidifiers and heat vacuums work together to dry up even the last traces of moisture in your property.

  • Restoration services:

If water in its fury has played havoc with your property, just reach out to us. We are a renowned player in the field that can restore your property to its pre-damaged state. With the latest machinery we fight any level of damage and offer proper restoration.

  • Reconstruction and remodeling:

Sometimes a flood or fire has such damaging effect on your property that a part of it might need to be rebuilt. Our team, along with contractors works meticulously to rebuild your place. We also give your property a revamp to smarten up its look.

We are a one-stop solution in Pompano Beach, FL area for damage mitigation and renovation. We keep your property’s structural integrity intact by eliminating all the factors responsible for destruction. So, just call 561-246-6503 whenever you need our services.

We provide service in Pompano Beach and Broward County