Pompano Beach Restoration Company - Fire Damage Restoration


Pompano Beach Restoration Company Pompano Beach, FL 561-246-6503Of all the disasters, fire can be the most damaging. It can completely destroy your property within minutes. The extent of damage brought about by a fire can be deadly and irreparable. Valuable possessions, important papers, photos, furniture and sometimes the entire property can be charred beyond recognition. Yet with proper and timely intervention, things can be restored back to normalcy.

At this hour of need, Pompano Beach Restoration Company is the only one you can trust in Pompano Beach, FL region. We understand the shock you would be in after seeing your precious possessions burnt and charred. We provide 24*7 services to give you the much needed respite instantaneously after the damage had struck. If a fire has hit your property, call us at 561-246-6503 right away.

After a fire, it’s us you hire:

The detrimental effects of fire are starkly visible even after it is put off and the place is considered safe. We are fully available to handle the damaging effects and salvage things to the maximum.

We provide the following services:

  • Damage assessment:

Proper assessment is essential otherwise you might discard something which could have been salvaged. Professionals like us understand the degree of damage and the cause of the fire, to decide which objects to keep and what to discard. This in addition helps us to give you the correct estimate of the restoration work.

  • Burnt item removal:

Your valuables, most cherished possessions, furnishings, sometimes your entire property can get charred heavily to ashes. As long as our experts are there with you, you need not worry about disposing them off. Our team does the work for you as they know which items are beyond repair and needs to be discarded.

  • Emergency board-ups:

A fire in a property can burn down the doors, windows and gates, leaving the property unprotected. First thing we do before starting the restoration is to close all the openings that may allow easy access inside. This is also done when a part of your property gets damaged as a result of a fire, so that toxic air can be restricted from flowing to other parts of your property.

  • Soot removal:

Long after a fire is put off, your property can still smell of smoke and burnt odor. Moreover, the toxic air, might affect other parts of your home, leaving a negative impact on your possessions. We at Pompano Beach Restoration Company work with effective tools and advanced chemicals for cleaning and removing the soot and odor from your place.

  • Restoration:

We cannot go back in time and stop the fire from happening. However, with a little awareness and alert we can give back the property its lost glory.

  • Clean-up

We stay committed to you and the work till the end. We will never bail out in the middle of a restoration job. You can count upon us to be with you until we have done away with all the wreckage and the debris, ultimately handing over to you a home you can feel proud of.

If you are located in Pompano Beach, FL area and your property is in ruins after a devastating fire, call us on 561-246-6503 for timely restoration work.