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Are you aware of what a simple leak or an overflowing tank can do to your property? Standing water can wreak havoc to your health as well as your home. If you live in Pompano Beach, FL region, Pompano Beach Restoration Company is the best name in the water damage restoration industry to help you. We are a trusted company in the area and are known for our prompt response, new and effective drying methods and timely restoration of damaged areas.


If your property has become a prey to a water-related disaster, this is how the effect of the damage can worsen:

Stage 1: Within hours

Some signs of noticeable damage are when colors start to bleed from fabrics or furniture swells up or unpleasant odors get emitted. If matters can be fixed at this point and the damage is arrested, conditions do not worsen further.

Stage 2: Within days

Wood gets affected easily in the event of water damage. The wall peels off its paint and wallpaper. Strange odors indicating mold development are emanated, giving rise to allergens, bacteria and other harmful microbes. The structural integrity gets disturbed and heavy repair and restoration is the only way out.

Stage 3: Within weeks

Your property might be in need of a total makeover as possessions are very likely to get damaged so badly that they become useless. Mold growth at this point may touch the danger level and pose threat to the inhabitants. The property has to be emptied immediately. In addition, the cost of repair can rise to an abominable height.


  • Rugs, carpets and drapes should be removed right away
  • The wet and damp objects should be allowed to dry out immediately
  • If the extent of the damage is high the electrical main should be switched off
  • The origin of a leak is to be found out at the earliest and sealed
  • Extracting the water as much as possible and letting air pass can speed up the drying
  • Avoid using a vacuum just after a water damage event as that might trigger electrical threats
  • The area should be barricaded to keep out children and pets
  • The insurance company should be kept informed during an event of a disaster
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Pompano Beach Restoration Company Pompano Beach, FL 561-246-6503No matter which part of Pompano Beach, FL area you may belong to, our restoration team will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes.  After reaching the damaged property, we thoroughly inspect it to find out the extent of damage. Any possession that can cause further damage to life and property or is beyond repair is removed without delay. After the initial damage mitigation, we work with our heavy and advanced tools such as dehumidifiers, heat vacuums and air blowers to dry out the moisture entirely from that area. Eventually, the restoration plan is laid out and effort follows thereafter to bring back your property to its original condition.

 Pompano Beach Restoration Company is a leading name for prompt and reliable damage remediation services. So, call 561-246-6503 without any hesitation.