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Pompano Beach Restoration Company Pompano Beach, FL 561-246-6503When your life is jeopardized by a flood or mold growth, you might be desperately seeking help, but not know where to start. There is a wide array of work that needs to be done from damage mitigation to finding out the source of the hazard to fixing it. Then there is cleaning of the property and sanitizing it. After that, you might require someone to rebuild and renovate your place. Finally, there is also the insurance claim to settle and recover some part of the expenditure, which is by itself, a taxing job.

Mere thinking of all these procedures after a hard-hit disaster might make you sick. However, it is a boon to find out that all of these services are provided under one roof.  Pompano Beach Restoration Company is a name that offers you multiple services such as leak detection, clean up, restoration, remodeling or any kind of damage control. Being a trustworthy name in Pompano Beach, FL area as far as restoration and damage mitigation is concerned, we live up to our name, remaining committed to you till we’ve reestablished normality in your life.

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Timely intervention is vital for any damage mitigation. If the source of the leak remains unidentified, it can lead to a host of issues including mold growth, contamination and electrocution. Contact 561-246-6503 for fast response and proper execution of efficient damage control measures.


We give you nothing less than high quality services, as we at Pompano Beach Restoration Company know how to value our customers. We do not believe in compromising on quality. Therefore, we use the best of the products and materials to restore your place.


Unlike other companies, we offer you the best at affordable prices. We are totally transparent with an honest price label and do not levy hidden costs on our clients. Our USP is our loss control ability and reducing our client’s cost on the whole, thus making us a trusted name in this field.

If you stay in Pompano Beach, FL area, you can rely on us completely for your restoration work. Call 561-246-6503 without any delay.


Water leakage is a common occurrence. Failures in plumbing system, water overflowing from a malfunctioning washing machine and faulty sprinklers are issues that a property owner might experience, but to address the problem immediately is necessary. Do not be blind to a small fault for that can become a damaging issue later on. For instance, a water leakage whether from an identified source or hidden one can be the cause of rising water bills, as well as cause intense damage in due course. If you are facing a threat due to water leakage call Pompano Beach Restoration Company. We will arrive in no time and help fix the issue, saving you from unnecessary expenditure. For over two decades, we have been helping people in Pompano Beach, FL area in identifying secret leaks and taking necessary action without delay. Click here to read more...


Often, people have fallen prey to sudden rainstorms, causing water to seep into the property thereby flooding it – and those who’re living in Pompano Beach, FL region are no stranger to it. There can be other causes too for flooding. For example, a simple plumbing issue such as a leak or a ruptured pipe may flood your home and contaminate it with stagnant water. While the causes may be many, the solution is just one. If there is a flood in your property, dial 561-246-6503 to call for experts from Pompano Beach Restoration Company immediately. Our experts will curtail further loss and minimize the damage before restoring your property to its pre-loss condition. Click here to read more...


Often, after a flood or a water leak, moisture still remains hidden inside the walls and can lead to mold growth. Mold poses a great threat to the inhabitants and the property. To ignore this dangerous fungus would be unwise. Steps should be taken to eliminate it completely. This is where we can help you. Click here to read more...


Are you aware of what a simple leak or an overflowing tank can do to your property? Standing water can wreak havoc to your health as well as your home. If you live in Pompano Beach, FL region, Pompano Beach Restoration Company is the best name in the water damage restoration industry to help you. We are a trusted company in the area and are known for our prompt response, new and effective drying methods and timely restoration of damaged areas. Click here to read more...


Of all the disasters, fire can be the most damaging. It can completely destroy your property within minutes. The extent of damage brought about by a fire can be deadly and irreparable. Valuable possessions, important papers, photos, furniture and sometimes the entire property can be charred beyond recognition. Yet with proper and timely intervention, things can be restored back to normalcy. Click here to read more...


A home says a lot about your style and class. If you want to revamp your home as you had always dreamt of doing, Pompano Beach Restoration Company is the best company to work with to translate your dream into reality. We give your home a totally new look, without damaging it or pulling it down. We partner with experienced contractors and other experts for all kinds of reconstruction and remodeling work, and are the most favored name in the Pompano Beach, FL region. Click here to read more...