Pompano Beach


Named after a fish found off the coast of Atlantic, there’s absolutely nothing fishy about Pompano Beach, a city that stands in all its grandeur in Broward County. It is believed that the name originated when the first documented resident of the area Frank Sheen jotted down the name of the fish he had for dinner on his survey map. Since then, it caught on, and later on the word Beach was added to it to make up the Pompano Beach we know today! From a small-time farming community, it grew vastly in size in the late mid-1900s’, with new settlers moving in to escape the harsh winters elsewhere in the US.

 Today, Pompano Beach has grown into a culturally-diverse community still retaining the virtues of a vintage beach town in the midst of its metropolitan aura, attracting people from across the world. Whether its nature, history, culture, adventure or arts, Pompano Beach has a bit of everything for everyone!

Set against the tide:

Unfortunately for Pompano Beach, it still lies in a disaster-prone area of South Florida. No matter how serene and calm the ambience might seem; the occasional rifts with nature turn the place upside down, so does the destruction brought by man. However, come what may, the leading damage restoration expert in the city – Pompano Beach Restoration Company has always been there to provide the necessary assistance.

A few examples include:

  • Hurricane Wilma 2005: Nature’s fury:

When Hurricane Wilma dropped by to say hello, no one in Pompano Beach expected it to linger on for so long and cause massive destruction. Its winds hit the city at 125 mph, breaking branches, uprooting trees, toppling cars and flooding large areas of the neighborhood. We helped several residents build their lives again by curbing the damage and carrying out restoration work.

  • A ‘Cat’astrophic flood:

As funny as it may seem, in 2016 the Florida Humane Society in Pompano Beach was flooded, all thanks to the midnight adventures of one frisky feline who was known to play in sinks. The kitten left the faucet running at full blast for a straight 17 hours, flooding the place and causing damages of over $5,000. While it might seem over-the-top, situations like these do happen, and we, at Pompano Beach Restoration Company have dealt with accidental floods or fire damage first-hand.

Our services are available in the following zip codes:

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